DeALSPrimer Overview

This primer is intended to help Fall Quarter CS240A students get started with writing and executing Deductive Application Language (DeAL) programs with the DeAL System (DeALS).

If you are having problems starting DeALS or encounter unexplained program errors or system bugs contact shkapsky at cs dot ucla dot edu.

This is a research system under active development. The last version was released on 10/19/2014.

Getting Started

Use your CS account to connect to a CS department server (see for access information) and download DeALS.tar.gz from the directory in the screenshot below.

The README file will indicate the current version of DeALS. Updated versions of DeALS could be produced during the quarter.

DeALS requires Java version 1.8 (use 'java -version' to verify which version you have installed). If you have installed Java 1.8 but the Editor or FileRunner scripts are not finding it, try setting JAVA_HOME.

Two ways to write and execute DeAL programs are:

  1. GUI Editor - First time users should try this.
  2. FileRunner - After you get the hang of writing DeAL programs, this might be more convenient.

Last Updated 10/05/2015