Deductive Application Language System (DeALS)

The Deductive Application Language System (DeALS) is a next-generation Datalog system. The objective of the DeALS project is to extend the power of Datalog with advanced constructs with strong theoretical foundations.

DeAL supports stratified aggregation, negation and XY-stratification. DeAL also supports new monotonic aggregates that can be used in recursive rules.

What's the big DeAL?

DeALS extends Datalog research by supporting rules and programs that were previously either difficult to express or that could not be expressed at all. With support for new advanced monotonic aggregation constructs, DeAL supports not only traditional database queries, but both graph queries and graph analytics as well.

Related Publications

Language Tutorial

Our tutorial presents language constructs and features, shows how to program with DeAL and provides example programs.

Monotonic Aggregate Examples

Request access to our code at github using this link or drop us a mail with your github userid.
Download our DeALS deployable jar using this link. You can run it on a stand-alone machine.
Last updated 2016